Albuquerque mobile car battery service

Stranded? Dead Battery

Hot days can take a toll on your car battery. Aging batteries can give out on short notice, especially in hot or cold weather. If you didn’t go to your regular automotive repair shop and buy a new battery, you may need to call an emergency service for a jump start or car battery install on the road. The southwest, in places like Albuquerque and Phoenix, has additional circumstances for batteries. A Phoenix car battery are particularly vulnerable due to the high heat. Many people don’t realize that the battery core is full of water. An old battery in the dry desert heat loses core water to evaporation. Regular service of your vehicle can reduce the chances that battery suffers damage from water loss. The water at the core is critical to positive and negative exchange in the cells. Most car and truck batteries have caps on the top. As a consumer, be careful. The water level you are checking is full of acid and can burn skin and damage eyes. If your fluid level is low, you can carefully fill the receptacle. Just to the bottom of the opening, don’t overfill. You should wear gloves and glasses for protection if you do it yourself. Your best bet is to service your battery annually by taking it to your mechanic.

If you are dealing with a Hybrid car battery, you may not have realized that the lifespan of original batteries was about eight years. But batteries can loose their carrying capacity if they don’t undergo proper charging schedules and care. Luckily, the cost of replacement a replacement car battery has gone down dramatically.

If you need help with your battery, contact a trustworthy technician who can help you out. If you are a business owner and you need help with your marketing strategy, contact us.



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