Have you claimed your Google listing in the past couple years? Did you think your info was correct only to find out that an old listing or a duplicate of an old location has crept back onto the web? You are not alone.

Just keeping up with the major changes Google Maps and Google (Local), now called Google Business, can be a full time job. More often than not, the information has come back wrong. And what’s worse, there has been repeated re-launches of these programs that have left many business listings looking abandoned or untouched. Sometimes they even blow up all the work you may have done months earlier.

And that’s just Google. What about Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, etc.? There are now some 100+ standard listing/directory sites that may have your business citation in their database. One old listing from one of the more prominent sites can lead to the re-publication of your old information that can take months to correct.

What is a citation?  A citation is your business listing on another website. It will include the basics: Name, Address, Phone, Website, description

1111 Tree Branch
Hawk, NM 87111

“We build widgets and have done so for many years.”

At Peregrine Digital, we use a number of tools to insure that your citations are accurate and consistent. If you are one of business customers, you receive monthly evaluations of your business information out on the web. But, if you are exploring with us for the first time, we also have Peregrine Local. This program will help you wrangle your citations and get your information consistent across the Internet. If your are interested in more information:

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