When it comes to search strategy, it is easy to feel like you can’t see the forest for the trees. Or worse, you’re lost in the woods, and competing teams are tripping over each other trying to show you the best path.


At Peregrine SEO, we speak geek so you don’t have to. That means, we take care of your search strategy so that you       don’t have to. The end goal in search is to drive meaningful visits (traffic) to your website. Studies have shown that the   higher your position on a search results page (SERP), the more likely you are to be clicked from a particular keyword   set. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a number of factors and strategies that come together to increase your   rankings. They include these core aspects:


1) Technical – There are many technical aspects to ranking well, beginning with your page structure and site architecture.

2) Content – Keyword density and quality content are core to ranking well. We write high quality, keyword dense content that not only humans can read and understand, but that the crawl bots like.

3) Links – The most telling aspect of your site’s content from the robot’s perspective is whether or not your content is authoritative enough to deserve a link from an equally authoritative source.

We use tools like Moz.com and raventools.com to research all of these aspects of your website. This allows us to look at your website as if we were Google or Bing and make adjustments to architecture and content as well as examine who is linking to you and your competitors.

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Search Engine Marketing and Social Marketing are paid advertisement strategies that require copy development and page optimization to be most effective. We specialize in coordinating your media strategies in other categories with a paid search or display campaign.

The primary difference between Display and Search advertising on Search Engines and Social Media is a difference between Push and Pull A search ad shows up when someone is specifically looking for something. A display ad is displayed where-ever, when-ever someone is visiting a website. The control is much more limited. The best bet for an advertiser is to find the most relevant website to their business category, but this approach is often cost-prohibitive and severely limits the scope of your campaign. However, this can be improved upon by utilizing Google Display who have a broad scope of website partners and they can offer re-marketing to better target your potential customers and to repeatedly put your ad in front of people who have visited your website.