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I have a client who asked me, “so how do you ever get to the perfect website, I mean as a web designer, you can’t, right?”…

We are PEREGRINEDigital, an Albuquerque Web Design and Marketing firm. We specialize in marketing from the web perspective. Your website is the foundation to your interactions with your customer. Our design strategies help you funnel and segment traffic into manageable information through analytics. If you are looking to increase sales, visibility, customer appreciation and information, your website is where to start. All other marketing and advertising strategies follow. One of the worst mistakes a broadcast advertiser can make is to not understand their online strategy and how they show up in the search spectrum.

Web Design

So, the Mayan Calendar ran out, and we’re all still here. Isn’t it a great year to re-think your marketing budget and get busy building your website presence as the center of your strategy? If you are looking for great web design and smart programming

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Mobile website design is not a thing for the future. It is here and now. Mobile page views are beginning to outpace desktop pageviews. Is your website M-ready?

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The Social Web is where your customers are spending their time online. Utilize the latest strategies in attracting visitors and fans to your professionally developed social pages.

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Email continues to be at the center of the digital universe. High quality email messaging to your customer base can help build brand loyalty and foster engagement.

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Peregrine SEO and SEM
If you are still spending your ad dollars on printed directories, you need to consider the benefits of optimizing your website for search instead. Search Engine Marketing and nowSocial Environment Marketing are paid advertising campaigns usually framed in a cost per click model.

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About Us

Founded in 2011, Peregrine Digital Media serves New Mexico and the greater southwest.

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Stephen Sutherlin - Resident Geek

Greetings from the ether. "I am Stephen Sutherlin, and I speak geek so you don't have to." Stephen Sutherlin has been working in media and Internet Marketing since 1996.
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Roger - Robot

Meet Roger. He's the Moz web bot. He spends his days crawling your web pages to make sure you have the best search presence possible

I love the Internet. It is the single most trackable, accountable and usable medium to help you grow your business

“I am Stephen Sutherlin and I speak geek, so you don’t have to.”

Peregrine Digital Media is dedicated to supporting local businesses. In this case, that means businesses and organizations in New Mexico. We firmly believe that the website is the central hub of any marketing plan, and that for most small businesses offers the biggest bang for the buck. All other media efforts can be enhanced when the website is capturing the leads that your marketing is generating.

Websites keep your marketing messages from losing traction by giving your customer direct access to you. If you foster, grow and better understand your website, you will increase customer satisfaction and usually garner better sales results.
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Our Philosophy
Small and medium-sized businesses create jobs and make the economy hum

Stephen Sutherlin has worked in every major telecommunications industry in New Mexico. This includes Comcast Cable, ClearChannel Radio, and KRQE News 13 & 2 KASA Fox. He began his career in Internet marketing and web design in 1997 when Jones Intercable (now Comcast) launched the first ad sales driven web marketing initiative in New Mexico,

“We were talking primarily to locally owned and operated mechanical and collision businesses, many of which didn’t even use a computer in their businesses back in 1997. They may have done their accounting there, but that was it. And, here I was saying ‘You gotta have a website, it will revolutionize your marketing.’ Ironically enough, here we are in 2013, and I am still having the same conversations with clients who really want to better understand how to drive their marketing efforts through their site”.
– Stephen Sutherlin

The world wide web continues to evolve, and there is an urgent need here in New Mexico for responsive, communicative and effective digital communications professionals. That’s why I started Peregrine Digital Media. Let us help you get your digital efforts on track.

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Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing

roger-mozWhen it comes to search strategy, it is easy to feel like you can’t see the forest for the trees. Or worse, you’re lost in the woods, and competing teams are tripping over each other trying to show you the best path.


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At Peregrine SEO, we speak geek so you don’t have to. That means, we take care of your search strategy so that you       don’t have to. The end goal in search is to drive meaningful visits (traffic) to your website. Studies have shown that the   higher your position on a search results page (SERP), the more likely you are to be clicked from a particular keyword   set. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a number of factors and strategies that come together to increase your   rankings. They include these core aspects:


1) Technical – There are many technical aspects to ranking well, beginning with your page structure and site architecture.

2) Content – Keyword density and quality content are core to ranking well. We write high quality, keyword dense content that not only humans can read and understand, but that the crawl bots like.

3) Links – The most telling aspect of your site’s content from the robot’s perspective is whether or not your content is authoritative enough to deserve a link from an equally authoritative source.

We use tools like to research all of these aspects of your website. This allows us to look at your website as if we were Google or Bing and make adjustments to architecture and content as well as examine who is linking to you and your competitors.

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Search Engine Marketing and Social Marketing are paid advertisement strategies that require copy development and page optimization to be most effective. We specialize in coordinationg your media strategies in other categories with a paid search or display campaign.

The primary difference between Display and Search advertising on Search Engines and Social Media is a difference between Push and Pull A search ad shows up when someone is specifically looking for something. A display ad is displayed where-ever, when-ever someone is visiting a website. The control is much more limited. The best bet for an advertiser is to find the most relevant website to their business category, but this approach is often cost-prohibitive and severely limits the scope of your campaign. However, this can be improved upon by utilizing Google Display who have a broad scope of website partners and they can offer re-marketing to better target your potential customers and to repeatedly put your ad in front of people who have visited your website.


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If you are using this form to solicit us, we currently have NO ACTIVE RFP‘s posted. If we have a need for additional services, we will post a Request For Proposal that you may respond to. Otherwise, un-solicited emails will be flagged as SPAM and deleted. It is also our philosophy in our current U.S. only based business model, that we prefer to buy local. Meaning, we look within our current marketplace first, across the US second, and as a last resort outsourcing overseas. We are working towards making every aspect of our products, MADE IN THE USA 

Media Buying and Research

At 10,532 feet above sea level, the heart and soul of broadcast media blips in the skyline, clearly defining Albuquerque as a media market like no other.

Our 15 years of broadcast experience in Television, Radio, Cable and of course the Internet, makes Peregrine Media uniquely equipped to understand market reach in New Mexico. Our focus begins with research and turns numbers into customers through highly informed media strategies designed to reach the diverse demographic and geographic challenges of New Mexico.

KZRR coverage area

Sample Albuquerque Coverage Map – KZRR

With a complex terrain, making broadcasting a feat of engineering, New Mexico is one of the most complicated small markets in the country. A population at the 2 million mark, spread in pockets over one of the largest geographic DMAs in the country, makes media buying both challenging and fragmented.

Peregrine Media has done a variety of media buying for clients, including the number one rated television broadcaster in the market. We specialize in convergence, which is the attempt to reach a prospective customer on as many screens as possible in the course of a day. That means combining traditional tactics like high quality television, cable and radio placements with an online strategy that captivates audiences in digital and social spaces.

One of the single largest risks for broadcast advertisers is that, without a solid search strategy, they may drive product interest, but a the end of the day, lose the sale to their competitor who has a solid search and online strategy. There is nothing more tragic in the modern media landscape than to convince someone that they need a product and then turn over that lead to a search savvy competitor.

With new technologies in re-marketing, social media and search, a well thought out media plan can drive interest through a combination of “push” and “pull”. Broadcast and Display can “push” customers to investigate, while search and social strategies can “pull” the customer to your brand.

Best-in-class research is the key to a successful media plan. Peregrine Media has years of experience with Nielsen, Arbitron, ComScore, web analytics, and individual client data specific to the New Mexico media market. We believe that when you combine a well planned website hub with top creative and a well researched media plan, that there is little to get in the way of your business success.

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