Net Neutrality – ABQ Business First Poll

For those of you who are confused about net neutrality, I have this opinion on it:

The telecoms claim that by being able to meter and control connection speeds, they can pass the savings on to you and I, the end-users. They will then leave the high-use websites and ISPs to fight and bid for the fastest speeds, which means big dogs like Google and Netflix will buy large to protect their dominant positions and leave small business owners and small-scale ISPs to suffer ever increasing costs for their web operations and a frustrating consumer experience, because you have no guarantee that the websites you like will be readily available. It will essentially bring the open and equal internet of  today to it’s knees, and be replaced by only content from the highest bidding corporations. It’s Internet super-highway robbery!

For some historical perspective on this topic read the book
“The Future of the Internet and how to stop it” by Jonathan Zittrain

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