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Challenges in Web Marketing: Private Investigator

Web development and content creation presents individual challenges for individual industries, but what do you do when what you do is on the hush. A Private Investigator is a vital part of any business who needs to get the facts straight on an employee incident or other occurrences that may impact legal proceedings against your company. A solid PI firm can help your business defend itself in court when complaints need details or accusers need to be verified with concrete details. All of this work however has to be done on the down low. And though a client may be thrilled with the result, they can’t exactly shout from the flat roof tops their glowing testimonial. Discretion is one of the best traits of a private eye.

So, as a marketer, what do you do?  Your typical Google My Business strategy isn’t going to work. 1) They don’t want to broadcast where they are 2) it’s difficult to generate quality reviews and testimonials when most people don’t want to share their story or they want to keep secret their valuable asset, a great investigation team. Well, you have to focus on informing those customers you have, then anything you produce can help to inform the customer you want to have. In the case of the private investigator, the content can center around core groups. Internal Investigations within your business are common so detailing what that involves in a blog post and email article, can generate interest and benefit your organic rankings.

Since we are most often seeking that SEO Trifecta – Ad + Map + Organic page it’s hard to step away from the map part. But, you can work to dominate 2 out of 3. With a solid ad placement strategy combined with a content/keyword strategy, the map becomes less relevant. However, without the other benefits of My Business you may have fewer opportunities in the shrinking real estate of a smart phone result. And never rule out the power of email marketing to activate and retain critical customers. A well thought out and consistent email campaign still produces steady results when the content is both informative and timely to your customer.

Every message requires some thought for its audience. The more targeted you can be towards informing a specific need to a group you know needs it, the better your results will be. Never just spend a bunch of money on just ads. The relationship between quality content and targeted ad groups is undeniable for improved results. Without the content, you’re honking the horn in a parking lot full of tailgaters. You might want to investigate.


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