Day: September 28, 2017

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Have you Updated to iOS 11?

Have you updated to iOS 11? I found it pretty painless on an iPhone7 and iPad Pro. I’ll upgrade the older devices over the weekend. There are a lot of update, though most minor. If you haven’t updated in a while, it could be a pretty big leap. The iPhone 8 and 10 are for pre-sale and Watch 3 was announced.

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Are you integrating a watch into your digital use? Would you like it to have a hone connection of it’s own? Now you can with Watch 3 GPS+LTE. There is a non-LTE version, because service on someone like AT&T is and additional $10/month and requires a regular iPhone plan.

If you need to roll back your update here is an article that can help.


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Atkinson CPA: What to do if the IRS audits you

IRS data indicates that fewer than 1% of all individual income tax returns are audited each year. That’s true, but some taxpayers are more vulnerable than others. For starters, the IRS is more likely to audit taxpayers who report high incomes because that’s where larger amounts of underpaid taxes might be found.

In addition, certain taxpayers face more scrutiny because of how they earn their living. Self-employed individuals generally, those who file Schedule C, Profit or Loss From a Business—may be audited more than other taxpayers. The same is true for professionals and business owners, who could see their business as well as their individual tax returns examined. The bottom line is that taxpayers with relatively high incomes as well as those who have control over their workplace bookkeeping can expect to face IRS queries at some point.